Throwback to camping last September

blogcampingcamping1All the way back in September, Brody and I headed up to Harrison for some beach side camping! Both of us hadn’t been camping in years and were determined to squeeze in at least one trip before the summer was out. Jen and Steve joined us for the second night and all of us were pretty blown away by the views. Usually Pebble Beach is insanely busy but this particular weekend we lucked out and pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. Definitely going to try to head up there again this year! blogcamping-5 blogcamping-4 blogcamping-3 blogcamping-2camoing-2-Recoveredcamoing-4

A little film: Palm Springs

Well, after a long, unexpected and non-intenetional break from the blog, I am back at it. The next few posts may be things that happened a few months ago but they include some bigger events that I are close to my heart – I promise I will finally post the video of Brody’s nationals next week! I thought I would kick things off with something extra fun which is the video from my trip to Palm Springs. I’ll be following it up with some photos, but in the mean time take a peek of some footage I took of my time with some crazy girls on a hot holiday. Enjoy!




Well, just like that the basketball season has come and gone and back to normal life it is. Although, now without all the basketball, normal life isn’t feeling so normal because we aren’t really sure what our new normal schedule is!

After a pretty draining night on Friday Brody and I slept pretty much all of Saturday, with the exception of getting take out for each meal, eggs bene, pho and then fish and chips (take out for all three meals – I highly don’t recommend it and realize we sound like two couch fulfilling, non cooking bums but sometimes you just need a day like that). I have been fighting a concussion and Brody has many bodily injuries from nationals, including a massive bruise on his hip and water on his elbow, so I think super lazy Saturday was necessary. Sunday we woke up feeling super refreshed and ventured to Crescent Beach for a big walk and lunch.Yes, we ate out again..gross. In other news, March madness is upon us meaning we haven’t escaped basketball completely. Going out means there needs to be access to a T.V or a consist check up on the score and I know there is a lack of pictures on this post, but I promise it  will pick up over the next little while!

For those who have been asking, I’ll be posting all about Nationals hopefully later this week! Just waiting of some video footage to add to my own to finish up a video I made of the weekend!

_DSC7385 _DSC7405 _DSC7413 _DSC7419I can’t get enough of the cherry blossoms. As weird as it sounds I am loving that the return of the sound of lawnmowers throughout the day is upon us.

A celebratory weekend

A whole lot of celebrating and excitement happen over the weekend. It started off on Thursday when Brody was named Pac-West’s player of the year for the second time in a row and continued to Friday when I was published for the first time on Style me Pretty! Then, Saturday night Brody and his team played a tough final game and won the Provincial championships for the second time in a row AND Brody received MVP. It was such a close game against VIU, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and by the end of it I was shaking I was so nervous. But, the boys pulled through and ended up on top, thank god! I am so proud of Brody and his team and I can’t wait to cheer them on in nationals. As Ashley said, “I can’t believe we have to go through all this stress again in two weeks.”

To top it all off, on Saturday, Brody and I also found out that we will officially become roommates as of April 17th! We found an awesome little townhouse in Steveston that is the perfect amount of fix me up without being totally over-whelming. I can’t wait to post before and after pictures and to start this new adventure with Brody!

Anyways, that was our weekend and I am feeling so blessed for everything that is happening. Here are a few pictures from Saturday’s game and the season. Enjoy!

_DSC8566 _DSC8576_DSC4397_DSC4451_DSC4573